Palomar Mountain, San Diego County, California

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Palomar Mountain Panorama Copyright (C) 2002 by James-Joseph
A spectacular Palomar Mountain Panorama by local photographer James-Joseph.

Web Sites for Fire-safe landscaping

Maureen Gilmer's "Living With Wildfire: Useful emergency tips, defensible landscaping, architectural design, and all about fire in the natural environment" site at

Defensible Space Landscaping: Fire Performance ratings of landscape plants,

If you need a reminder, or have forgotten the "small La Jolla reservation fire" just a few years ago, take another look at the photos. - Mike Pique

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Community Issues

Year 2020 General Plan update

The San Diego County General Plan for the year 2020 is already far along, but there's still time for your comments and concerns. The plan will control land parcel sizes and uses for the whole county.

A General Plan is a statement of goals and policies that guide the long-range physical development of the County and all communities. It determines the development of the County and its population distribution in both the near and distant future, and the size, form and character of the County. It designates land for residential, commercial, industrial, open space and other uses. It also identifies sizes and locations for community facilities like parks, schools and roads. For more information about the 2020 plan, see

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