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Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Minutes, 9/24/1994 Board Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Meeting September 24, 1994

Board Members Present:

Terri Bailey, Thomas Burton, Robert Carlyle, Halcie Clark, Clarence Darrough, Thomas Fortney, Elizabeth Getzoff (alternate), Bruce Graves, Russell Litchfield, Bill Meyer, Nancy Moriarity (alternate), Robert Thicksten, Joseph Weeks.

The meeting was convened at 4:05PM, following the Vista Irrigation District Public Presentation on the Mendenhall Valley pumping project.

Bailey Meadows Subdivision:

Bill Meyer reported that the plan modifications have substantially improved the project design but that four concerns still need addressing:

1. traffic hazards at State Park Road intersection - sight distance and slope

2. impact on quantity of groundwater available to adjacent residents

3. leach fields' closeness to property lines and other parcels' wells

4. fire protection

Any PMPO comments must be received by the County Planner by October 6. The PMPO Board approved a motion for Bruce Graves to collect member's comments on Bill Meyer's draft letter expressing these concerns and to send the revised letter to the County.

Mendenhall Ranch Project:

Brian Mooney of Mooney & Associates and Dr. David Huntley, Professor of Hydrology at San Diego State University, were invited to comment on the Vista Irrigation District presentation and plans. Mr. Mooney said a key point was that V.I.D. had not formally defined the testing as a "project" subject to Environmental Impact Reporting. The challenge is that V.I.D. itself, as lead agency, decides whether it does or does not. He suggested the PMPO, in writing, ask to be notified of V.I.D. Board hearings so as to be able to attend, with the letter copied to other agencies who are influencing the decision, including the California Fish & Game Department and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The PMPO Board approved a motion asking Mr. Mooney to write a letter responding to today's presentation, requesting that an EIR/EIS be prepared, and to send a copy to the California F&G Commission. Mr. Mooney will send Bruce Graves a cost estimate for these services.

Dr. Huntley said that independent monitoring and evaluation of the SAMDA test reports would be expensive. He suggested V.I.D. be asked to fund a impartial technical group for this task.

The PMPO Board approved a motion authorizing Mr. Mooney to write a letter to the Board of Supervisors stating that this project involved transport of water and should be regulated by the same principles as spring water extraction, with a Major Use Permit required.

Neighborhood Watch

Ted Prince, a Sheriff's Department Crime Prevention Specialist, outlined ways for citizens to be safer on the mountain. He suggested knowing your neighbors well enough to recognize people who shouldn't be here and report the situation to law enforcement. Use 911 for any serious crime or emergency, use 565-5200 to report a past crime or suspicious activity. He urged residents accurately report the level of crimes and suspicious activities. Home security systems deter burglars inexpensively. Engraving name and driver's license number on valuable objects makes them less likely to be stolen. He offered to meet with groups of 8 to 12 families to detail these and other ideas, including earthquake preparedness, and to conduct residential security inspections. Residents should phone Bill Meyer, 742-4527, to sign up or to receive more information.

The meeting was adjourned.

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