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Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Minutes, 4/20/1996 Board Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Meeting April 20, 1996

Board Members Present:

Thomas Burton, Robert Carlyle, Halcie Clark, Russ Day, Donna Dose, Elizabeth Getzoff (alternate), Bruce Graves, Nancy Moriarity (alternate), Michael Pique, Carol Ravenscroft, John Tainer, Robert Thicksten.

The PMPO Board meeting was convened at 10:20 A.M. April 20,1996. The treasurer, Halcie Clark, reported no change in the current balance of $8759.93.


Annual Meeting and Pancake Breakfast:

Plans for the May 25 meeting and pancake breakfast at the Palomar Mountain Lodge were completed. Terri Bailey, Donna Dose, Susan Humason, and Carol Ravenscroft are organizing. Tickets will be $2 for adults, $1 for children. Guests will order at the serving line, then be seated and served at their tables. The feast will include not only pancakes but bacon, sausage, milk, juice, and strawberries with chocolate syrup.

Annual Newsletter:

A work party headed by Russ Day and Robert Carlyle will assemble them for mailing on May 10. The letter will include an unstamped PMPO return envelope for contributions. A bulk mailing permit would save 13 cents per copy but its cost is too high to justify for our once-a-year newsletter.

Cedar Creek Water Development:

George Ravenscroft said that Mr. Yale is telling potential purchasers of water from his well that he expects to be in operation within six months. Elizabeth Getzoff reported that Maxx Stahlheim, county planner, says Mr. Yale has not yet applied for a Major Use Permit. John Peterson, county groundwater geologist, said that from his perspective, the project will need an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

George noted that if the well draws surface water from Cedar Creek, then it may be an issue for all downstream users, in particular, the San Luis Rey water district.

It appears nobody at the county is following the legal issues, only the technical ones. A conference call to our proposed water rights attorney by Tom Burton and George Ravenscroft will find out what an opinion letter will cost outlining PMPO's objection to disproportionate pumping for export. PMPO approved $1500 to write the letter.

Visit by County Supervisor Horne:

Mr. Horne's March 23 visit included a meeting with the PMPO, and a tour of the Observatory, water sites, antenna sites, and the Crestline residential area. Bruce Graves will write him a thank-you letter.

Relay Engineering Major Use Permit Modification:

Bruce Graves reported that Relay Engineering requested another meeting with the county staff. Relay's Donald Ramer is going ahead to PERB or planning commission though a hearing date is not set yet. Bruce will talk to Jerry McLees to make sure issue has already been brought up and to assert grounds for requiring an EIR.


Discussion of MSCP (Multi Species Conservation Plan):

Halcie offered an overview of the proposed MSCP, called a "land grab" by the Citizens for Private Property Rights. San Diego County is preparing computerized maps from satellite photos, identifying animal pathways. The MSCP seeks jurisdiction over agriculturally-zoned land. Halcie noted homes destroyed by wildfires because of prohibitions on firebreaks. Tom Burton noted that the Bailey Meadows subdivision allowed only 1 $1/2$ acres clearing per parcel, the rest deeded open space, where planting and building are restricted. Robert Carlyle will attempt to attend the public hearing, 10 AM Tuesday April 23rd at the county administration building.

The meeting was adjourned.

Elizabeth D. Getzoff, Secretary.

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