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Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Minutes, 2/26/2000 Board Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Meeting

February 26, 2000

Board Members Present:

Terri Bailey, Jim Billups, Thomas Burton, Debbie Bauer, Elizabeth Getzoff (alternate), Bruce Graves, Susan Humason, Michael Pique.

The PMPO Board meeting was convened 10:11 A.M. February 26, 2000, at the Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department.

The minutes of the November 20, 1999, meeting were distributed and approved.

The treasurer, Debbie Bauer, reported water attorneys Hatch & Parent have refunded the balance of $322 remaining of our retainer, donations since 10 November have been $2225, and expenses $603.75 to Jerry McLees AICP on Yale issue and $33 for postage stamps. Our current assets stand as $15,565.44 in the bank account.


Hatch & Parent Attorneys

Hatch & Parent have sent us a letter assuring us they will not engage in any representation that is in conflict with their prior representation of the PMPO. They have also fully refunded our retainer balance. Tom Burton believes this brings the matter to a close.

Cedar Creek Yale Water Project

Mr. Yale in August made application for a Major Use Permit, with request for a Negative Declaration of requirement for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). On December 6, 1999, his representative asked the county for an extension of time to file information. Jerry McLees was to check on this on February 1; Libby Getzoff will phone McLees for an update.

Long-Term Ground Water Study

Jim Billups has proposed the PMPO encourage a long-term (10-15 year) Palomar Mountain ground water study involving measuring 15-20 wells monthly, along with rainfall and evapotranspiration measurement stations. He has met with John Peterson, who has offered the use of four official rain gauges. Jim Billups purchased a 500-foot well probe, for which the PMPO board approved paying one-half the cost, for $300. He is soliciting wells for monitoring. Tom Burton suggested asking Joe Armagome for advice and help.

Dual Government Survey Problem

Jack Norvall and Bob Haase drafted a letter to Congressman Ron Packard requesting a special bill to restore the north one-half of Section 14 to its 1894 orientation. Jerry McLees revised their draft; both were presented and discussed. Bob Haase wants the PMPO to get an appointment with Packard's office. Tom Burton suggests Steve Clark and Ray Carpenter review and introduce the letter; Bruce will ask them.

Bob Wallace, surveyor, has been working on measuring existing survey monuments. He will proceed to borrow the necessary GPS units to perform the Crestline survey and will probably have it by the next PMPO board meeting in April.


County of San Diego Year 2020 General Plan

The county is working on its year 2020 general plan update. On January 18, board members Terri Bailey, Jim Billups, Thomas Burton, Robert Carlyle, Bruce Graves, Jack Norvall, and Michael Pique met with Department of Planning and Land Use staff and consultants. Tom Burton's summary of the meeting was that the PMPO gave them chiefly the desire not to widen the roads, and asked what development would be permissible within that restraint. At this stage, the DPLU planners are sketching dwelling density zones and hope for a second meeting, on March 10, to present their proposed map.

Annual Meeting and Newsletter

Kris Von Platen is now managing the Lodge and has invited the PMPO to have its annual meeting and pancake breakfast there again, on May 27, 2000. Donna Dose will organize.

Susan Humason will prepare the newsletter. Article assignments were made, with text due to Susan by April 10, and proofing to be done at the next board meeting.

Next Meeting:

The next scheduled board meeting is April 22, 2000.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:26 A.M.

Michael E. Pique, Secretary.

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