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Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Minutes, 5/26/2001 Annual General Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization 2001 Annual Meeting

Saturday, May 26, 2001 at the Palomar Mountain Lodge

Board Members Present:

Terri Bailey, Robert Carlyle, Russ Day, Tracy Dixon, Donna Dose, Elizabeth Getzoff (alternate), Bruce Graves, Susan Humason, Elliott Miller, Jack Norvall, Bonnie Phelps, Michael Pique, Robert Sterner.

The annual general PMPO meeting was convened at 11:04 A.M. Saturday May 26, 2001, with about 65 in attendance. The Chair Bruce Graves thanked the new Palomar Mountain Lodge owners Dale and Angelique Norton for hosting the Pancake Breakfast and Annual Meeting, Bonnie Phelps for leading several dozen volunteers in a 13-week Lodge-cleaning campaign, Donna Dose for organizing the breakfast, and Susan Humason for editing and producing the newsletter.

Old Business

Secretary's Report (Michael Pique):

The minutes from the May 27, 2000, annual meeting were distributed and approved.

Treasurer's Report (Tracy Dixon):

As reported in the PMPO spring 2001 annual newsletter, our expenses, totaling $4,541.85, were $547.57 for the newsletter, $247.50 for a special news mailing, $3089.21 for the BLM/USFS resurvey work, $24.00 for post office box rental, $20.00 for non-profit registration renewal, and $66.00 for stamps. The total donations from our members came to $11,250.00 (correction from statement in newsletter) and $308.35 receipts from the 2000 breakfast, giving us a balance of $21,142.06. The 2001 breakfast served 145 adults and 15 children. The treasurer's report was approved.

Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department (PMVFD):

PMVFD Board President Gretchen Spencer announced the dedication ceremony for the new fire engine will be June 2, 2001, with a ``name the new engine contest'' and guest of honor Supervisor Bill Horn. Barbecue tickets are already available and bake sale items will be needed.

PMVFD Chief Karl Bauer said the brand new fire engine - Palomar Mountain's first ever - had arrived and will be outfitted and in service next week. Grant funds of $24,000 were received for rescue equipment and $140,000 for a water tender, essentially a ``water truck with red lights'', important in meeting the goal of making residents' fire insurance less expensive. The area had previously had an Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10: i.e., effectively no protection. This was last year raised to ISO 9, which may make it easier to get insurance, even if at same cost. The goal now is ISO 8, which could yield a 10% to 30% drop in rates. ISO 8 would require being able to ``first roll'' with 4400 gallons of water. The water tender will help in achieving this, but will take about a year to arrive.

The accomplishments have been due to twenty-five years of support by the community, from helping on long range planning to training for the response team. The PMVFD Board has approved a plan to improve the fire station house for ``B Occupancy'' to allow for more public assemblies there. Plans for long-term use of the house as a community center are still under discussion.

Karl reminded residents needing help to call


and ask for the PMVFD, they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Palomar Christian Conference Center (PCCC):

Dennis Choker of the PCCC said former director Steve Ewert had moved to Washington and recently Kim Rogart had been hired as director. They have a new brochure about their church and school programs and are getting geared up for summer. Last week, the County planning department approved their plan to replace old buildings, build a new gym, construct staff housing, and start a horse-riding program. The Center now has a 47-foot water slide into the pool and invites residents to call (760) 742-3438 if they would like to come over and take a dip. The PCCC is on the northwest side of Palomar Mountain, was founded the same year st the State Park (1933), and now has 17 full-time staff.

Girl Scout Camp:

Cindy Moore said the San Diego County Girl Scout Council (33,000 girls) now owns the Camp outright, with Randy Boyles as Camp Director. The camp, on Canfield road on the way toward the Observatory, has plans to build a lodge for meals, a maintenance building, two caretaker and program director houses, and several 8-bed cabins. Timing depends on funding but they hope to be using some of it in three years.

Cedar Creek Water Project:

Elizabeth Getzoff reported on the status of William Yale's proposed commercial development along the East Grade Road to pump and sell well water from his 7 acre parcel. Mr. Yale is preparing his Environmental Impact Report (EIR) as the next step in receiving the Major Use Permit he applied for in August 1999 (P99-021).

The PMPO requested in September 1999, and the County agreed, that an Environmental Impact Report be required to address the biological and long-term hydrological consequences of Cedar Creek drawdown, the traffic safety issues, the pollution and noise from the planned propane-fueled generator, as well as the precedent-setting taking of water resources from other peoples' property. A September 1993 48-hour pump test on the well showed direct impacts on both Cedar Creek and on neighboring wells. The PMPO's consultant Jerry McLees has been monitoring the county offices. He says that when the EIR is completed, perhaps summer 2002, the public will have a short period of opportunity to review and comment upon it.

Dual Government Survey Problem:

Jack Norvall explained that the recent US Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service resurvey of Palomar Mountain section 14 has resulted in the Forest Service gaining 18 acres at the expense of residents, and may have disrupted the boundaries of all parcels in this section, which includes Crestline and Birch Hill. Jack Norvall is in charge of office and field research, with Palomar Mountain resident and attorney Bob Haase coordinating the PMPO's legal and technical discussions.

The PMPO has been studying old records and attempting to find the remains of stone survey monuments set in the 1885-1930 period. This February, Jack Norvall, with Bruce Graves and Robert Haase, took surveyor Ken Whittaker of the U.S. Forest Service to several recently-rediscovered stone monuments that cast doubt on portions of the disputed survey. The PMPO has written a letter to Bureau of Land Management regional chief Lance Bishop urging restoring the boundaries to the long-established lines of actual occupation.

The PMPO still needs old maps, particularly of Crestline, and field notes that might help clarify survey issues. If you can help, call Jack Norvall (760) 742-8749.

County 2020 General Plan Update:

A PMPO sub-committee led by Tom Burton is representing the ``North Mountain Area'' in the San Diego County Department of Planning and Land Use comprehensive update of their year 2020 general plan. This effort includes remedying the unfortunate and little-known effect of the 1993 ``Forest Conservation Initiative'' that down-zoned ``The Summit'' (general store, Mother's Kitchen restaurant, Yoga Center) from General Commercial to Residential Commercial. If, for example, a fire should destroy the store, it could not be rebuilt and we would have no store for residents and guests.

Michael Pique, PMPO secretary, is receiving the notices of the DPLU 2020 meetings and will post them on his web site at

New Business

Election of PMPO Board Members:

The Chair announced that there are six open seats on the PMPO Board, Robert Thicksten having resigned. The five incumbents running for re-election were Tom Burton, Russ Day, Donna Dose, Bruce Graves, and Susan Humason; a nomination was received from the floor for Bonnie Phelps to replace Mr. Thicksten. After statements by the candidates, they were elected by acclamation.

The complete board member roster is:

(terms expiring May 2002): Jim Billups/Steve Clark (alternate), Robert Carlyle, Jack Norvall, Bonnie Phelps, and John Tainer/Elizabeth Getzoff

(terms expiring May 2003): Terri Bailey, Tracy Dixon, Elliot Miller, Michael Pique, and Robert Sterner

(terms expiring May 2004): Tom Burton, Russ Day, Donna Dose, Bruce Graves, and Susan Humason

General Announcements:

Bonnie Phelps invited all interested to join her free Palomar Mountain news electronic mailing list, by emailing a request to</H3>. Susan Humason invited people to see her to be added to the mailing list for the PMPO annual newsletter. Michael Pique invited people to look at his

web site and send comments and suggestions.

Motorcycle Problems:

Resident Sabrina Covington asked what could be done about the noise and hazards from inconsiderate motorcycle operators. Sheriff Don Phelps pointed out there are only two sheriff deputies to cover 450 square miles, and suggested writing Captain Town of the California Highway Patrol's Temecula Office. The CHP can use these letters to get resources to help. Bruce Graves noted that the PMPO wrote a letter a few years back and can do it again. The owners of the Palomar Mountain General Store and Mother's Kitchen Restaurant have put out a new letter asking cyclists to be courteous, and might consider loitering charges against troublemakers at the Summit.

Trespassing Problems:

A resident asked what can be done about people who trespass and leave garbage. Sheriff Don Phelps said that asking them to leave was about all you can do ``without involving us.'' Once you tell them, they must leave. If you tell them to leave and they do not, ``call us and we'll cite and release them'' even if the property is not posted. Mr. Phelps reminded everyone to respect property lines and ``posted'' signs.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 P.M.

Michael E. Pique, Secretary

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