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Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Minutes, 5/28/2005 Board Meeting

Minutes of the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Meeting

May 28, 2005

Board Members Present:

Terri Bailey, Robert Carlyle, Tracy Dixon, Donna Dose, Elizabeth Getzoff (alternate), Bruce Graves, Rob Hawk, Susan Humason, Elliot Miller, Jack Norvall, Bonnie Phelps, Michael Pique, John Tainer.

Board Members Absent:

Thomas Burton, Jim Hamerly, Scott Kardel.

The PMPO Board meeting was convened 1:36 P.M. May 28, 2005, at the residence of Bruce & Lola Graves. Distribution and discussion of the minutes of the April 9, 2005, board meeting were deferred to the next meeting.


Election of Officers

The following were elected for one year terms:

Bruce Graves, Chair;

Elliot Miller, Vice-Chair;

Tracy Dixon, Treasurer, and

Michael Pique, Secretary.

New Board member Rob Hawk was welcomed.

Next Meetings

The next board meetings are

July 16, 2005

October 8, 2005

January 14, 2006

February-March to be decided - special newsletter planning meeting

April 1, 2006 [Easter is April 16]

April 29, 2006 - newsletter mailing preparation

May 27, 2006 - Annual general meeting

Newsletter Correction

Michael Pique noted for the record that the Board Member list he gave Susan Humanson for publication in the Spring 2005 PMPO newsletter had two errors: Board Member Dale Norton was left off the list, and Alan Serry was on the list but he had left the Board in May 2004.

Community Information Update and Newsletter Ideas

Bonnie Phelps says she is including County Supervisor Bill Horn's office on all email she sends about Palomar Mountain issues. Rob Hawk suggests offering the newsletter next year electronically. Michael Pique will post it on the site. Susan Humason suggests selling business-card-size advertisements for a single-sheet insert, perhaps 8 or 10 per side.

Cedar Creek Yale Water Project

Terri Bailey still hopes to meet informally with people from the La Jolla Indian Reservation to discuss the concerns Palomar Mountain residents have over the Fee-to-Trust transfer and pipeline plans. Bonnie Phelps, Elliot Miller, Rob Hawk, and Tracy Dixon offered to accompany Terri if the scheduling can be worked out.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 P.M.

Michael E. Pique, Secretary.

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