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Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Minutes, 11/08/2008 Board Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization Meeting

November 8, 2008

Board Members Present:

Heather Beer, Glenn Borland, Cecelia Borland (alternate), Robert Carlyle, Donna Dose, Elizabeth Getzoff (alternate), Bruce Graves, Susan Humason, Bonnie Phelps, Michael Pique, Alan Serry, Earl Walls.

Board Members Absent:

Terri Bailey, Rob Hawk, Scott Kardel, Bob O'Neill.

The PMPO Board Meeting was convened 10:04 AM November 8, 2008, at the Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department. The minutes of the August 23, 2008, Board meeting were distributed and approved with the addition of Eric Lardy's name. Treasurer Alan Serry said that at the last board meeting, August 23, 2008, the balance carried forward was $43,848.29. income was $186.62 ($95.00 from newsletter advertisements, $91.62 interest). Expenses were zero. The balance as of November 8, 2008, is $44,034.91. The treasurer's report was approved.

Old Business

Traffic Safety:

Alan Serry has spoken again to CHP Lieutenant Golonsky, who sees even less enforcement in the future. The Pendleton USMC officer David Bianco has requested help regarding his marines having motorcycle accidents on the mountain - he has required wearing of red vests, and offending riders (and their superiors) will be disciplined. The marines do check riders' equipment on-base but do not do sound-level checks.

Alan told of early morning (1 to 3 AM) auto races on the South Grade. Rumble strips are still scheduled to be installed early summer 2009, and curves will be widened on the South Grade between mileposts 45.6 to 46.6. However, clearing of dead trees adjacent to the roads has been postponed.

Dual Survey:

Mike Pique reported he presented a summary of the problem to the PMPO's Action Committee on October 24, along with his recommendation that we pursue a land-swap with the U.S. Forest Service. One of Tom Burton's yoga center colleagues, Mickey Fujikawa, is now with the Forest Service and will talk to Tom after he has learned about land swaps in his training. Mike also reported accompanying Palomar neighbor Vance White on a working visit to the Maps and Survey Records department at Ruffin Road November 6, trying to find records of Road Survey 453.

For many years, attorney Robert Haase has been helping the PMPO on the dual survey, at no charge. We received in December 2007 a letter from his law office (Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi) asking the PMPO to write and confirm that their file can be closed and that the PMPO does not expect that they have any further responsibility regarding the matter. The board in August 2008 approved writing such a letter, to include a request that the office's files be transferred to the PMPO. Glenn Borland will write and send a letter.

Ground Water Monitoring:

Rob Hawk has received more well-monitoring permission forms. Bruce Graves said Mike Probert began monitoring two wells on the East Grade Road, T-1 and T-2, in October. Bruce will make sure both Rob Hawk and Mike Pique receive Mike Probert's data.

Iverson and Group Camp Property:

Earl Walls said a grant proposal has been submitted to fund a 30x48 foot addition to the west side of the `house'. Cliff Kellogg thinks a major use permit was taken out for the original PMVFD building; if so, the house addition would need only a minor use permit.

The Iverson family owns two parcels adjoining the Fire Department that the Action Committee is hoping to obtain either deeded easements over or receive as a donation to the Fire Department. Earl Walls explained that without the Iverson land, the PMVFD parcel has no legal access. Furthermore, getting the U. S. Forest Service's Crestline Group Camp, should the Forest Service ever abandon it in whole or part, would alleviate county government concerns over Community Center parking.

One question is whether the PMPO could be an appropriate organization to receive such property, because the PMVFD's charter is for only health and safety purposes, and the Community Center (CCPM) is a 501(c)4, not the preferable 501(c)3 organization. Tom Burton said that PMPO land would not automatically qualify for property tax exemption but a separate welfare purpose exemption could be requested.

Tom Burton suggests that an appropriately crafted land swap would solve all three problems by putting the Iverson parcels into the PMVFD, the 6-acre Crestline Camp into the PMPO to be leased for community center use, and the 17-acre Section 14 wedge back into the original owners' hands.

The Board authorized the Action Committee to include land ownership by the PMPO as a possibility in their recommendations, plans, and proposals. Glenn Borland will check whether the PMPO charter allows land ownership.

Easement Project (Legal Access to Land Parcels):

Cecelia Borland said grant deeds for the far northeast corner of Birch Hill, in section 14, have been mailed to the seven property owners for their execution. Some are already back and have been recorded. Next will be the roads north of the Lodge, starting with the road on the west side between the Palomar Mountain Mutual Water Company (PMMWC) office and the Palomar Mountain Lodge. Linda Thorne is studying whether the PMMWC office is already burdened; it is possible the Lodge might be asked to grant a wider easement to its west.

Closure of the Dump:

The East Grade Road Bin Transfer Station, known as ``the dump'', will be closing, perhaps by the end of the year. Heather Beer reported that Valley Center Roadrunner newspaper editor David Ross believes that letters to the Roadrunner would help keep the dump open one weekend per month. The Board authorized the Action Committee to write a letter to Allied Services, the dump owner, for Chair Glenn Borland to sign.

North Mountain San Diego General Plan 2020:

Glenn Borland says no news. The county has sent out ``templates'' for the plan, very similar to the 8-or-9-year old ones, that the PMPO needs to fill out and resubmit. The Board authorized the Action Committee to transcribe our old plan information into the new format. Since this must be done by February or March 2009, the Action Committee will have a draft ready for the January 24, 2009, PMPO meeting.

New Business

Sheriff Volunteer Fire Watch:

Jerry Fisher explained that the Sheriff's Department enjoys the help of about 400 citizen volunteers. The Board authorized the Action Committee to write a letter asking for Sheriff Department volunteers to patrol for fires on Palomar Mountain and Highway 76 during high-fire-risk Santa Ana situations.

Evacuation Plan Brochure:

Chris Kusek said that the Palomar Mountain Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) has drafted a brochure to be distributed to residents and visitors outlining emergency escape routes and procedures. Cal Tech has agreed to pay for mailing the brochure, and the Board agreed to pay $1500 for printing 2000 copies. The Board also approved the rendition of the PMPO logo to appear on the brochure.

Penny Pines Overlook:

Cliff Kellogg said the Forest Service is clearing Penny Pines in preparation for building a scenic overlook similar to the one at about milepost 3 on the East Grade, to be done by the end of the year. Wes Ruis of the La Jolla Indian Reservation has chosen a name for the overlook. The Forest Service will also be installing a Smokey Bear `Fire Danger Level' sign at the information kiosk at the summit.

501(c)3 Passthrough to Fire Safe Council:

A $200,000 grant to the Palomar Fire Safe Council (FSC) is being held up because the FSC has not yet completed a necessary IRS Form 1023, said Robert Carlyle, FSC Chair. The FSC would like the PMPO to accept the funds in trust and hold them for the 90 days that the IRS is expected to take to approve the Form 1023, the FSC agreeing to pay for any extra accounting costs or ramifications. The Board authorized the PMPO Treasurer to act on this request at the Treasurer's discretion.

Community Center of Palomar Mountain:

Earl Walls says the CCPM needs materials to complete the renovation of the `house'. The Board approved granting $3,000 to the CCPM.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 PM.

Michael Pique

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